I. Heavy Equipment Rental

List of heavy equipment available for rent :

   Unit        Type
Buldozer Komatsu D155
Buldozer Komatsu D85SS
Buldozer Komatsu D31P
Dump Truck Hino FM 260 JD
Dump Truck Nissan CWB 45
Excavator Komatsu PC 400
Excavator Komatsu PC 300
Excavator Komatsu PC 200
Excavator Hitachi ZAXIS 330
Excavator Hitachi ZAXIS 200
Excavator Caterpillar 320
Excavator Long Arm 320
Motor Greader Komatsu GD511A
Vibro Roller Sakai SV512D
Vibro Roller Sakai SV5120D-TF


For further info please contact :                                                                                      

Phone   :   021-55968081  (Head Office)

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II. Heavy Equipment Trading

Visit www.indoheavy.com


III. Mining Contractor

Angkasa Sakti provides a complete suite of services to clients. as a contractor service company provide one wholly packaging mine service. Start from land clearing, top soil and overburden removal, and barging. Apart from mining services, AS also offers infrastructural support such as road hauling and  stockpiling


IV. General Contractor

Angkasa Sakti also provide general contractor services such as road construction, road maintenance, canal drainage, pilling etc.



Head Office

Jalan Pantai Indah Selatan Ruko Camar Elok GA No.18 Jakarta 14460