I. Vision

Heavy Equipment One Stop Service


I. Mision

  • Develop high competence human resources   in the management of heavy equipment.
  • Utilize cutting edge technology in heavy equipment and support.
  • Quality and efficiency in heavy equipment operation.
  • Key player in heavy equipment business in Asia Pacific.
  • Provide best service according to client needs.
  • Contribute to a better life and environment.


II. Values

  • Fighting spirit
    Member of Angkasa Sakti have the attitude of never giving up easily and ensure all task is done accordingly.
  • Open minded
    Member of Angkasa Sakti constantly embrace new idea and way of work from colleagues  and partner.
  • Reliable
    Member of Angkasa Sakti area all dependable , trustworthy and responsible for their job and conduct.
  • Commitment
    Member of Angkasa Sakti always put   the interests of client and company above personal interests.
  • Expansion
    Member of Angkasa Sakti have motivation to expand its company and business beyond competitor

Head Office

Jalan Pantai Indah Selatan Ruko Camar Elok GA No.18 Jakarta 14460